5. All the Kings Men #5

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Title All the Kings Men #5
Series All the King’s Men
Program No. 5

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Let’s look at Philip. He is not to be confused with Philip the deacon in Acts 6 who later became an evangelist; this is Philip the disciple. It never entered into his mind that the Lord was supernatural. It utterly eluded him that Christ could do a creative miracle. The supernatural resources of Jesus Christ totally escaped his thinking. He just calculated the whole deal. You know what he is? He is analytical. He is pragmatic. I’m sure he would sit in a board meeting today with a calculator punch it. Can’ do it. We don’ have the money. It cannot be done. He had too much arithmetic to be adventurous. He was so stuck on facts and figures he missed faith all together. Christ can take a very common person and make them a very uncommon Apostle. God uses all kinds.

All the Kings Men #5

All the King’s Men – March 31, 2013